Mobile Game Product Manager / Analyst

Our team is looking for talented Mobile Game Product Manager/Analyst

Being a team member at Fox Cub is a unique opportunity to work with a talented close knit team from around the world from the comfort of your home. We respect people who are honest, direct and have a “go-get-it-done-attitude”. Smart people like you don’t belong in corporations with bureaucratic hierarchies. Fox Cub Games is a company where you will make a difference!

Key Requirements

  • Be very comfortable writing SQL queries
  • Excellent understanding of mobile or social games
  • Love data!
  • Ability to wear both product manager and analyst hats
  • Work in the Pacific Time Zone, 9-5

How to Apply

Please complete this short sample test and send your result and your resume to We look forward to hearing from you!


Question 1: Please write a short (<100 word) description of a feature or improvement you would make in your favorite mobile game, and how you would determine whether it was successful.

Question 2:
We are trying to analyze the 3-day ROAS (return on ad spend) for a number of marketing channels. 3D-ROAS is defined as (the total revenue from all users from a particular install source earned within 3 calendar days of installing the game) divided by (the total cost of acquiring all the users from that install source).

In this example we have dozens of different install sources, and we’d like to quickly see at a glance how each one is performing over time. Typical questions we want to ask are: which sources we should increase spend on, which sources we should decrease spend on, which sources are behaving strangely.

We’d like to see a a table where each row is a different install source, each column is a different install period (grouped by week), and each cell is the 3D-ROAS of that install source for that install period.

The two source tables you have available to work with are:

– dt (timestamp)
– user_id (string)
– usd_spend (float)

– dt (timestamp)
– user_id (string)
– source (string)
– cost (float)

Please write the SQL that you would use to produce the desired outcome and send the result to


Also. here’s some generic starter code to help get you going:

create table revenue (
user_id VARCHAR(36),
usd_spend FLOAT

insert into revenue values (’01-JAN-2017 02:01:01′, ‘alice’, 3.5);

create table install (
user_id VARCHAR(36),
source VARCHAR(36),
cost FLOAT

insert into install values (’01-JAN-2017 00:00:00′, ‘alice’, ‘facebook-A’, 5.5);