Our core mission is simple: We are a bunch of people who want to be happy.

We have some deeply held beliefs (these are often called values), that we think are key to achieving that mission.

  • We believe that a basic level of economic stability and a healthy income is necessary for being happy.
  • We believe that having personal flexibility in where, when, and how we work makes us happy because we can pursue our personal interests and needs.
  • We believe that being trusted with the authority to make meaningful decisions makes us happy because it makes us feel valued and useful.
  • We believe that learning makes us happy because it prevents life from becoming boring and routine.

Fox Cub Games builds high quality social slots games for multiple platforms. We’re excited to be making games in a new age of gaming, when so many people are discovering and playing games for the first time. We believe that these players deserve to have a fun, modern gaming experience. Slots games have a long tradition in casinos, and we're excited to be making new types of slots games that have never before been possible.

Our company operates entirely in the cloud, there is no physical office and no nationality boundaries. Everyone works from the comfort of their home. Smart people like you don’t belong in corporations with bureaucratic hierarchies. We want to work with people who are honest, direct and have a “go-get-it-done-attitude”.

We program primarily in C# in the Unity engine so we can collaborate and deploy quickly. We run our own server stack, dynamic tuning system and analytics platform on AWS. We live in Slack, GitHub, and other modern tools that makes life easier. We animate our assets using Spine, and apply particle effects directly inside Unity.